At the Speed Shop, we have many cars that are currently in the restoration process. You are free to come to our restoration show room and take a look around. We might just have the perfect vehicle to spark your interest.

With our current restoration inventory, we can put a complete package deal for you. Price is dependent on options as the build progresses.

Remember, If you are in a hurry to drive one of these cars, then waiting on a build is not for you.  It takes months to get a build out the door. We do have a large inventory of classic cars for sale, you can view them here. To take on a restoration will take patience, however, you can build the car exactly as you desire!

Have a car that you’d like us to restore? We can help with that as well. Schedule an appointment or give us a call to get started!

Our Restoration Process

Stage 1

The project scope is determined here on paper. You tell us what you would like, we “make it happen”.

Stage 2

The build is totally dismantled down to the steel frame that supports all components.

Stage 3

Each salvageable part is meticulously primed, sanded, and finished in preparation for painting.

Stage 4

Reassembly begins, new parts are ordered and installed as they arrive.

Stage 5

Electrical and drive train installed and fired up when complete.

Stage 6

The whole car is meticulously detailed prior to delivery.

Current Restoration Projects

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